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Join the Scale With SOPs Spring Challenge

Challenge starts April 12th - 16th

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are step by step written instructions detailing how to perform specific functions. This can range from your process for onboarding new clients to how you ship your products.

Businesses have SOPs

Regardless of the size or industry of your business, you can benefit from having SOPs. Here's why:

  • Promotes consistency within your business and enhances customer experience
  • Reduces training time and eases the transition of tasks to your team or VA
  • Reduces errors and improves productivity
  • Positions your business for growth and allows you to easily scale

What's stopping you from creating your SOPs?

You think you don't have enough time

Imagine how many hours you're wasting each week by not having a consistent method of performing your processes

You don't know where to start

This challenge will cover everything you need to know and provide the templates for you to get started!

You don't need them because it's only you

Unless your plan is to stay chained to your laptop, at some point you'll want to take a vacation or hire a team. Think bigger!

Here's What We'll Cover During The Challenge

SOP 101

You'll learn the basics of SOPs, what should be included and types of procedures common industries should have. 

Tracking and Templates

You'll be provided with SOP templates and logs to get started documenting your processes. We'll discuss how to organize and categorize your procedures and start documenting

Let the documenting begin - Category 1

You'll learn various methods and tools to use to start creating your procedures with ease. You're busy and we'll help you work smarter to get more done. You'll start documenting your category 1 procedures

We're still documenting - Category 2

You'll start creating category 2 procedures

It's a wrap

It's the final day! By now, if you've kept up with the challenge, you've captured your high priority SOPs and headed in the right direction.

Why the Scale with SOPs Challenge

Because you're ready to have a scalable business that's not solely dependent on you!

  • This challenge is just the right amount of time.  You'll have enough time to accomplish the tasks
  • The challenge is off of Facebook. The least amount of distractions the better 
  • We allow for flexible schedules. The videos are released each morning by 9 am and live Q&A takes place in the evening.

Tonya Harrison, Founder and CEO of Cignal Partners is transforming operations and helping small businesses move from being busy and burnout to productive and profitable by integrating automation and the RIGHT systems.  

Tonya Harrisons

Operations Optimzer

Prior Challenge Attendees

Valamere Mikler
- Founder of She Ran Tech

I accepted the Organize Your Operations challenge and was not disappointed! There were so many takeaways from this challenge including how to find the best online system to accommodate your operations and how to save time when managing projects. Since this challenge, I have been able to set up my online operations system and create an easy to use structure to manage all my projects. The Organize Your Operations challenge provided an opportunity for me to hold myself accountable for establishing clarity and adeptness in all I do. I encourage any solopreneur, business owner, or teams who wish to learn how to make the most of your time and conquer all daily tasks with efficiency to please contact Tonya at Cignal Partners for assistance. 

Regina Butler - CEO of Expert Office Services

Tonya, thank you so much for doing the 3 day challenge. You provided so much clarity on how to get organized and how to make the best of the project management systems that we chose to use. The worksheets and the hands on approach made all the difference. For the members of this group, If you have access to the playbacks this weekend, I highly recommend that you check them out and go through the process. It's like a brand new day!

SOPs are for businesses, regardless of the size or industry, you should have procedures.

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